Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What should a healthy packed lunch include?

A healthy packed lunch should contain the following:-

  • a portion of starchy food such as bread or a wrap
  • some lean meat, fish or non-meat alternative
  • 2 portions of fruit and/or vegetables
  • 1 portion of dairy food e.g. yogurt, small portion of cheese
  • a drink of water or diluted no added sugar squash

Foods that contain sugar and/or fat should be included OCCASIONALLY - no more than ONCE PER WEEK. If they are to be included then a small fun size bar or a very small packet of crisps would be a better choice.

Foods to be avoided - pasties, sausage rolls, fizzy drinks, sweets, processed lunch kits, large chocolate bars and sugary cakes.

Drinks that include aspartame (an artificial sweetner) is 180 times sweeter than sugar!

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  1. I hope you can come up with the idea of using a stainless steel container for a healthy packed lunch. Because when you use plastics you can't guarantee that it's safe to your health and to the environment as well. Study shows, that plastic contains harmful chemicals such as the bisphenol A or the BPA. Also, stainless steel containers are very convenient, it doesn't hold odors and stain and it has an easy stack and re-pack. Plus, it's more eco-friendly than plastic ones. =)